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Hello everybody!
Today's post is all about the beauty products I tried and loved in 2015. I will show you 15 of the best discoveries of the past year: even though I've tried so many different products, I only fell in love with a few of them. Let's start, shall we?


Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue
Probably my most loved product of the entire year: it's a light base perfect if your skin doesn't need a lot of coverage. It provides a luminous and radiant finish and it lasts all day even without a primer. I'm almost out of my first tube but I'm definitely going to purchase another one as soon as possible, it's so amazing. If you're looking for a light base and your skin is not too oily, try this one, you will not regret it!

Make Up For Ever Face Primer
I've never been a huge fan of primers, but when Make Up For Ever came out with a whole line of primers I felt like I had to try them. I first bought the Hydrating version (back when my skin was a bit more dry than it usually is) and it helped a lot with how my foundation looked and felt on the skin during the day. A month ago I bought the Radiant Primer and I like this one as well but just a little bit less than the other one. MUFE has so many different versions that you will able to find the one perfect for your needs!

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
I bought this concealer at the beginning of the year because I've never heard of it and I wanted to try something new. I'm not the biggest fan of the applicator it comes with, but I have to admit that the product is really good. This has medium coverage but the thing I like the most is the hydration it gives. It's a nice drugstore alternative if you're looking for a new concealer.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blushes
Urban Decay came out with lots of interesting products in 2015. As a blush junkie, I wasn't able to resist the Afterglow 8 hour blushes and I bought two colors when they first came out. Fetish soon became my everyday shade and I used it for two months straight. It's not powdery at all and it lasts all day on the skin without fading. The range of colors is pretty amazing and they also have some crazy shades, so they're worth checking!

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blushes
I know that this is not a new release at all, but it was my first time trying those blushes. I've always been scared of cream blushes because I wasn't sure on how to apply them without ruining my base, but the Max Factor ones are really easy to blend. If you, like me, are scared of cream blushes, try to use those ones!


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 
I will never have enough good words to describe this mascara. It makes my lashes amazing: long, voluminous and black. The brush also curves my lashes and the formula holds the curl all day, which is amazing for me as I've never found this feature in a drugstore mascara. I already bought a backup and I'm so happy that this product is also really cheap!

Nabla Crème Shadows
Nabla is one of my all time favorite makeup brands. I own almost all of their products and I totally love them. Their cream eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and easy to blend, perfect for a smoky eye look even if you have 10 minutes and you're not a pro at blending. The shadows last all day on your eyes without fading or smudging, so they're perfect if you need long lasting products. The shade I love the most is Supreme, which is a gorgeous pomegranate/red color, but the ones I used the most are Caffeine and DandyHere you can find my review and swatches of some colors!

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes
If you're looking for some easy to blend, affordable eyeshadows, definitely try Zoeva! Their range of palettes is amazing, they have something for every possible need. This year I used the Cocoa Blend Palette a lot because it has all the shades I use almost everyday on my eyes, but the Smoky Palette is also extremely good. Zoeva is also coming out with more amazing palettes in 2016 and I can't really wait to try them!

Deborah Milano 2in1 Gel Pencil Kajal&Eyeliner
I thought that my Urban Decay Perversion Pencil would forever be irreplaceable for me, but I was wrong. This 2in1 Gel Pencil by Deborah Milano is just as good at just a fraction of the price. It lasts for a good amount of hours on my waterline without smudging (keep in mind that I wear contact lenses and that no pencil lasts all day on me) and it comes in a lot of different shades. I've been using the black pencil everyday for months now, but I also have the brown one for when I want a more "natural" look. Those are drugstore gems worth trying if you're looking for a good eye pencil.

House of Lashes False Lashes
I feel like I really mastered false lashes this year. I've always loved the way my eyes look when I wear falsies, but I've never been good enough at applying them to wear them more often. In the past months I tried and tried again until I was able to apply false lashes easily. My faves are from House of Lashes, both the styles Heartbreaker and Iconic. I can't wait to try different styles this year!


Stila Liquid Lipsticks
I am a lipstick junkie and my dream is to buy lipsticks on a daily basis (I'm kidding, I'm not that crazy!). This year liquid lipsticks were pretty on trend and I jumped on the bandwagon trying out some of the most famous ones. As soon as I tried the Stila ones, I fell in love. I have to admit that they're not the most comfortable lipsticks on the lips, but the colors are amazing and they stay perfectly put for at least 5 hours, so it's something I'm willing to deal with. My most used colors this year were Como, Aria and Fiery.

Nabla Diva Crime Lipsticks
Nabla's lipsticks are amazing, just as all their other products. They're really long lasting and they feel like a dream on the lips, even at the end of the day. It almost feels like you're not wearing lipstick, you don't have to worry about fading or smudging. They're easy to apply, creamy and pigmented; the range of colors is really good and they keep coming out with more shades. which is amazing. The shades I used the most are Alter Ego and Balkis, but also Underground, which is my current obsession.

MAC Lip Pencils
I've always used (and loved) Kiko's lip pencils and I still think that they are amazing and also really affordable, but after trying the MAC ones I had to include them in this post. I'm sure that there are other lip pencils that are more affordable but just as good, but there's something about the MAC ones that makes me want more and more. I use the famous Whirl lip pencil a lot to define my lips even when I don't wear a lot of makeup and I've already used up a whole pencil, and that says a lot, trust me. 

NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks
I'm cheating a little bit with this product because I only discovered those lipsticks at the end of 2015, but I HAD to mention them in this post. Following the famous trend of liquid lipsticks, NYX came out with their own version and they are AMAZING. The Liquid Suede are a lot different from the other lip creams that NYX already had. The Liquid Suede lipsticks are more fluid, creamy and comfortable on the lips. They last on the lips and they don't fade easily, which is always a plus. I don't own lots of shades: my favourite is Cherry Skies, but I plan on buying more shades, so keep an eye on the blog for more posts about them :)

Beauty Blender
Last - but not least- beauty discovery is the beauty blender. I don't have one to show you because mine is pretty battered and looks disgusting, so I decided to skip the pictures. The beauty blender has changed my makeup game BIG TIME. I use it daily to apply most of my foundations but also for concealer. It makes the foundation look natural and luminous; since I bought my beauty blender I don't really use my foundation brushes anymore.

That's it, a nice big list of my discoveries of 2015! I hope you liked this post and please let me know in the comments below which were your discoveries of the year and which products you liked most!

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  1. So many amazing products, I wouldn't know what to choose! For sure Nabla shadows, love them as well :)

    1. They're so good, I can't wait for Nabla to come out with more shades :)