mercoledì 27 gennaio 2016

[REVIEW] Kiko Moon Shadows

Hello everybody!
Today I wanted to talk about a drugstore product I have been loving a lot lately. It's from Kiko and it's part of the Midnight Siren collection, now on sale on their website and in store. I bought the first shade as soon as the collection was released, but as soon as I saw the quality of the first shadow, I went out and bought two more. I'm talking about the Kiko Moon Shadows, which are stick eyeshadows with a high water content.

The main reason why I love this product is because it's the perfect one-step smoky eye for when you only have 10 minutes to get ready but you still want to be fashionable (or for when you're feeling extremely lazy). You can easily place the shadow all over the lid and blend it into the crease, put on some mascara and be out the door in the blink of an eye, looking like you made the extra effort when you really haven't. Sounds like a dream come true, right?
Of course you can use those shadows as bases, applying some powder eyeshadow on top, but I find the shades really beautiful and pigmented and I don't think you really need to take that extra step.

The concept of the Moon Shadows is really similar to the Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow, but yet it's a little bit different. The texture is light and smooth, nice to wear all day long. The formula cools upon application from the high water content and glides on the skin easily without tugging. The shades, as you can see from the swatches, are really glittery, but the color pay-off tends to stay the same even after blending. I haven't noticed glitter fallout either. The shadows are blendable and you have some time to play with the product before it sets, but once it does, it's going to stay on without budging for hours. I tend to wear makeup for at least 8 hours per day, so it's really important for me to find "life-proof" products: if I wear a primer underneath, those shadows do last even more than 10 hours.

I totally think that those shadows are worth the money, especially now that you can find them on sale! What do you think about those shadows? Have you bought them? Let me know! 

martedì 26 gennaio 2016

[FACE OF THE DAY] Mrs. Fahrenheit

Drama is my middle name, I'm pretty sure everybody knows that much about me by now. Drama is part of my life and, of course, is what rules my makeup inspiration. The other day I was playing around with colors; I wanted to use Fahrenheit eyeshadow by Nabla, the perfect dark red eyeshadow I was looking for, so I started placing it all over my lid. I used Makeup Geek's Peach Smoothie to blend the edges and Bitten to darken up my crease and outer corner. On the lower lashline I applied the same shades, plus Frozen by Nabla in the inner corner. Shoutout to my new favorite lashes from House of Lashes in the style Iconic. They're dramatic, I know, but they're so beautiful!! 
On my face I tried the Perfect&Natural foundation by Deborah Milano, which surprised me for how long it remained flawless on my skin. I bronzed my skin a little bit with the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil (my new obsession) and I used the Radiant Magenta on my cheeks. On my lips I used Cherry Skies by NYX.

Deborah Milano Perfect&Natural Foundation
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer 
Too Faced Primed and Poreless powder
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
Hourglass Radiant Magenta Blush

Nabla Fahrenheit & Frozen eyeshadows
Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie & Bitten eyeshadows
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black
Deborah Milano 2in1 gel Kajal&Eyeliner pencil in Black
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
House of Lashes Iconic Lashes
Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows

NYX Cherry Skies Liquid Suede

martedì 19 gennaio 2016

[MOST PLAYED] 2015 Most Played [LIPS]

Lipstick is my favourite makeup item. In 2015 I bought way too many lipsticks and loved way too many formulations, but today I'm going to show you a selection of the best ones that I tried.

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks

I'm not the biggest fan of lipsticks that come in a stylo bullet, but the Revolution Lipsticks are really good. I only own a couple of colors, my favourite is Turn On, which is a mauvy/pinky shade, a "my-lips-but-better" kind of shade. The darker shades are really nice too, but they go on a little bit more "glossy" for my taste, so I usually blot them or use a light translucent powder to make them more matte.

Nars Audacious Lipsticks

Probably the best lipstick I've ever tried. I only have one shade but I plan on buying more. Those lipsticks are matte but yet extremely hydrating on the lips and they last forever without fading. The shade I own is called Raquel and it's a perfect nude shade that doesn't wash me out like most nude lipsticks. The Audacious line is on the pricey side (30€ each lipstick) but they're amazing and you wont regret buying them!

Nabla Diva Crime
Probably the "drugstore" version of the Audacious lipsticks. Those lipsticks are lightweight, full coverage and completely matte on the lips. They're not drying at all and they feel velvety and comfortable after the application. I like them also because if they start fading you can re-apply the product straight from the bullet without it looking strange or gross on the lips. The shades are amazing and extremely pigmented. My most used one is Alter Ego, but I also used Underground a lot.

Sephora Rouge Lipsticks
Another drugstore favorite with an immense shade range. Sephora has some pretty cool lip products: those lipsticks are really easy to apply, moisturizing on the lips but they also last for hours. The finish is not completely matte - it's more of a satin finish, which makes it easier to re-apply throughout the day.

Sephora Cream Lip Stains
Old favourite of mine, my best and most used red ever. The Sephora Lip Stains are amazing liquid lipsticks that feel comfortable on the lips but with a full coverage and matte look. The shades are not many and I wish they had more colors -especially darker ones, but it's worth mentioning because it's a budget-friendly alternative to the more expensive liquid lipsticks that came out this year. The shade I wore the most is Always Red.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks
I featured those liquid lipsticks in my "15 beauty discoveries of 2015" because I love them a lot. As I said in my previous post, these are not the most comfortable lipsticks to wear if you wear your lip products all day long, because after 5-6 hours they tend to fade (it depends on the shade), but the result on the lips and  the shade range make it worth trying them. 

Mac Lipsticks
Trusty old Mac lipsticks. In 2015 I was so overwhelmed by other brands and I didn't really buy many Mac lipsticks, but I can't lie, I like them too much. My most used one is Flat Out Fabolous, that I used to death during summer. 

That's it for lips, but I still have my Most Played Eye products to show you! Which lip products were your favorites in 2015? Something I need to try? Let me know! 

lunedì 18 gennaio 2016

[FACE OF THE DAY] Water Dream

Water Dream is one of the weirdest eyeshadows I've ever tried in my whole life. At first I didn't really know how to use it, this was my first attempt with it but I can safely say that I'm pretty impressed and happy about the result.
As usual I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I wanted it to be smoky, so I started applying a creamy black base all over my lid. In the crease I applied Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie eyeshadow as my main crease shade and then I started building depth with Nabla's Narciso and Camelot eyeshadows. Then I applied Water Dream all over my lid, pressing the glitters with my finger and using a little brush to reach my inner corners. As usual I used my Stila Stay All Day liquid liner. On my lips I tried for the first time Rock 'N' Nude from Nabla and I totally love it! I think it's the perfect shade of nude for my skintone and I definitely need to use it more.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15)
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 
Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
The Balm Balm Desert Bronzer
Kiko Perfecting Bronzer
Makup Geek Spellbound Blush

Deborah Milano 2in1 gel Kajal&Eyeliner pencil in Black (used as a base)
Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie eyeshadow
Nabla Narciso, Camelot & Water Dream eyeshadows
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black
Deborah Milano 2in1 gel Kajal&Eyeliner pencil in Black
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows

Nabla Rock 'N' Nude

giovedì 14 gennaio 2016

[MOST PLAYED] 2015 Most Played [FACE]

Hello everybody!
Today I wanted to show you my most used face products of 2015. Base products are my favourites, I love trying out new foundations, new bronzers and especially new blushes, but I managed to narrow it down to my very favourites of the year. Thanks to goldenvi0let for the amazing idea of #TeamMostPlayed!

Makeup Forever Hydrating Primer (36,00€)
In 2015 I discovered the amazing world of primers. I didn't like them because I tried the wrong ones, so after finding out that Makeup Forever was coming out with a whole range of primers and after hearing Jaclyn Hill raving about them, I had to give them a chance. I decided to buy the Hydrating version because my skin was acting up and was a lot drier than usual. This primer is amazing and I still use it a lot, especially with long lasting foundations: it helps making the product stick to the skin without enphasizing the dry patches on the face. It also helps giving the foundation a nice and healthy look throughout the day. It's totally worth the money if you have dry skin or need an extra boost of hydration, especially during winter.

Max Factor Facefinity Primer 
This is my budget-friendly pick for this cathegory. This primer was part of my collection since the beginning of the year, but I only started using it in Spring. The Facefinity Primer is completely different from the MUFE one: as the name suggests, this helps the longevity of the makeup and it also provides SPF20, which is always a bonus, especially if your moisturizer doesn't have SPF. It's totally comparable to the more expensive primers like the Smashbox ones in terms of performance, so if you're looking for a good primer definitely try this one.

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray (26,50€)
I think I've gone through at least 10 bottles of this setting spray in the past years, no kidding. This is the perfect ending to every makeup: it keeps your makeup looking fresh and flawless all day (or all night), it gets rid of the powdery look and makes everything blend better together. I tried other ones but this is still the best one. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Foundation (34,90€)
This has been my favourite since the day it launched: it's a light and weightless foundation perfect for everyday use if your skin doesn't need a lot of coverage. It gives a natural and radiant finish that looks like skin and makes people wonder if you've just returned from a vacation. I usually set my T-zone with powder when I use this foundation, but if your skin is dry you'll be able to wear it even without powder.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation (36,00€)
You'll see a pattern in my foundation picks, I'm sure. My skin is pretty good even without makeup but I'm pale and sometimes I look a little bit dull, so what I look for the most is radiance and luminosity. This Benefit foundation gives a medium coverage with a radiant finish that lasts all day. It also has SPF so I can skip the extra step in my morning routine. 

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (28,90€)
My holy grail, my top favourite of 2015. This is my perfect base, people always compliment me for my skin whenever I wear it. Again we're talking about a medium coverage base that gives a natural and healthy look. It's a gel formula so it also provides hydration and it's perfect for people with dry or combination skin. I have combination skin and the Complexion Rescue always lasts all day on me with just a bit of powder on my T-zone, so you should be safe. Definitely try it if you're looking for a new base, you wont regret it!

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (19,20€)
Another all time favourite of mine, I love this concealer. It doesn't crease on my undereye area and it provides a full coverage, perfect for dark circles but also for random spots on your face. Sometimes I use it as a foundation -kind of making my own tinted moisturizer- especially when I only have 10 minutes in the morning to get ready.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
Towards the end of the year I discovered other concealers that I've been really liking a lot, even more than this one, but I've used the Fit Me Concealer almost all year long, so I had to mention it in this post. The formula is a little bit drier than the MAC one, but the lasting power is just as good. It's a nice concealer both for the undereye area and the rest of the face.

Too Faced Primed and Poreless Loose Powder (29,00€)
I heard so many good things about this powder from fellow bloggers, so I decided to try it and I'm glad I did. I don't particularly like loose powders but this one is worth the extra time I need to apply it. It keeps my skin matte but not flat and powdery, locking in foundation and concealer all day long. I didn't notice a big difference on my pores but to be honest it's not my main concern. 

I bought the Soap and Glory Solar Powder (£11.00) when I was in London in December 2014 and I've used it for at least 8 months straight. I'm pretty fair and it's not easy for me to find the perfect shade of bronzer that doesn't make me look like I'm an orange alien. This is perfect to bronze up the skin. It has two different shades, so you can customise your perfect bronzer. I've used the Solar Powder until I found the Kiko Perfecting Bronzer. This product was part of the Rebel Romantic collection (in my opinion one of the best collections Kiko has ever made). I like this product for the same reasons as the Solar Powder: the shade is perfect for my light complexion, the product is really blendable and it lasts all day on the skin.

As for blushes, I feel like I've been using so many different ones this year, but I always go back to the same shades. My perfect everyday blush is Urban Decay 8 hours Afterglow Blush in the shade Fetish (29.90€). I've discovered this product in the second half of 2015 but I've used it a lot. When I don't know which shade I want to wear, or when I have heavy makeup on my eyes, I always go for this blush that gives my cheeks a natural flush. Another favorite of mine is MAC Blush in Peaches (23.00€). As the name suggests, this blush is a nice peachy shade. It's intense and long lasting, but do not be scared, you can build the intensity so you can both have a natural look or a more intense one. Last blush I loved and used a lot this year is Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Radiant Magenta (35.00€). The thing I like the most about this blush is that it lasts all day without fading. Even after 10 hours my blush is still perfect and I am planning on buying more shades of this formulation.

And that's it for face products! In the next days I will show you my faves lip and eye products, so keep an eye on the blog :)
Let me know which were your favorites face products of 2015, if there's something I definitely need to try, I can't wait to read your comments :)

martedì 12 gennaio 2016

[FACE OF THE DAY] Cosmic Dancer

Per Natale mi sono regalata alcuni ombretti Makeup Geek, finalmente disponibili in Europa senza il rischio dogana (su Beautybay) e ovviamente appena li ho avuti tra le mani ho dovuto provarli. Quando ho iniziato a truccarmi non avevo un'idea ben precisa, quindi ho iniziato applicando su tutta la palpebra mobile e nella piega Peach Smoothie di Makeup Geek come base. Ho iniziato poi a definire la piega dell'occhio con un mix di due colori aranciati molto intensi, Chickadee (più tendente al giallo) e Morocco (un bell'arancio caldo). Ho portato entrambi i colori fino all'angolo interno dell'occhio, definendo anche l'attaccatura del naso. Sulla palpebra mobile ho applicato il Crème Shadow di Nabla nella tonalità Aurora come base e sopra vi ho tamponato Secret Garden, l'unico ombretto Duochrome di Makeup Geek che possiedo. Si tratta di un bel colore verde con riflessi tendenti al marrone; l'effetto cambia in base al prodotto che applicate sotto; in questo caso Aurora di Nabla ha tirato fuori tutto il verde dell'ombretto. Come eyeliner ho utilizzato il 110 di  Kiko.
Ho mantenuto la base viso piuttosto leggera, riscaldando l'incarnato con il Balm Desert Bronzer di The Balm e applicando un blush rosato leggero. Sulle labbra ho invece utilizzato Cosmic Dancer di Nabla, parte della collezione Artika. 

This year, for Christmas, I got some new Makeup Geek eyeshadows, finally available in Europe on Beautybay. As soon as I received them, I HAD to play with my new colors. When I started doing my makeup I didn't really know what I wanted to do, so I started by applying Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie all over my lid and in my crease, as a base. Then I started to define the crease with a mix of two warm and intense colors, Chickadee (which is more yellow) and Morocco (a nice warm sienna color). On my lid I started applying Nabla's Aurora Crème Shadow as a base and then I used a flat brush to apply Secret Garden by Makeup Geek, an amazing duochrome green/brown eyeshadow.
On my face I tried to keep the base light, warming up my skin with Balm Desert Bronzer by The Balm and using a light pinky blush on the cheeks. On the lips I used Nabla's Cosmic Dancer 

MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15)
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 
Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
The Balm Balm Desert Bronzer
Kiko Perfecting Bronzer
Makup Geek Spellbound Blush

Nabla Crème Shadow in Aurora 
Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie, Morocco, Chickadee & Secret Garden eyeshadows
MAC Nylon Eyeshadow
Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner in 110
Deborah Milano 2in1 gel Kajal&Eyeliner pencil in Black
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows

Nabla Cosmic Dancer

lunedì 11 gennaio 2016



Hello everybody!
Today's post is all about the beauty products I tried and loved in 2015. I will show you 15 of the best discoveries of the past year: even though I've tried so many different products, I only fell in love with a few of them. Let's start, shall we?


Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue
Probably my most loved product of the entire year: it's a light base perfect if your skin doesn't need a lot of coverage. It provides a luminous and radiant finish and it lasts all day even without a primer. I'm almost out of my first tube but I'm definitely going to purchase another one as soon as possible, it's so amazing. If you're looking for a light base and your skin is not too oily, try this one, you will not regret it!

Make Up For Ever Face Primer
I've never been a huge fan of primers, but when Make Up For Ever came out with a whole line of primers I felt like I had to try them. I first bought the Hydrating version (back when my skin was a bit more dry than it usually is) and it helped a lot with how my foundation looked and felt on the skin during the day. A month ago I bought the Radiant Primer and I like this one as well but just a little bit less than the other one. MUFE has so many different versions that you will able to find the one perfect for your needs!

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer
I bought this concealer at the beginning of the year because I've never heard of it and I wanted to try something new. I'm not the biggest fan of the applicator it comes with, but I have to admit that the product is really good. This has medium coverage but the thing I like the most is the hydration it gives. It's a nice drugstore alternative if you're looking for a new concealer.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blushes
Urban Decay came out with lots of interesting products in 2015. As a blush junkie, I wasn't able to resist the Afterglow 8 hour blushes and I bought two colors when they first came out. Fetish soon became my everyday shade and I used it for two months straight. It's not powdery at all and it lasts all day on the skin without fading. The range of colors is pretty amazing and they also have some crazy shades, so they're worth checking!

Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blushes
I know that this is not a new release at all, but it was my first time trying those blushes. I've always been scared of cream blushes because I wasn't sure on how to apply them without ruining my base, but the Max Factor ones are really easy to blend. If you, like me, are scared of cream blushes, try to use those ones!


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara 
I will never have enough good words to describe this mascara. It makes my lashes amazing: long, voluminous and black. The brush also curves my lashes and the formula holds the curl all day, which is amazing for me as I've never found this feature in a drugstore mascara. I already bought a backup and I'm so happy that this product is also really cheap!

Nabla Crème Shadows
Nabla is one of my all time favorite makeup brands. I own almost all of their products and I totally love them. Their cream eyeshadows are extremely pigmented and easy to blend, perfect for a smoky eye look even if you have 10 minutes and you're not a pro at blending. The shadows last all day on your eyes without fading or smudging, so they're perfect if you need long lasting products. The shade I love the most is Supreme, which is a gorgeous pomegranate/red color, but the ones I used the most are Caffeine and DandyHere you can find my review and swatches of some colors!

Zoeva Eyeshadow Palettes
If you're looking for some easy to blend, affordable eyeshadows, definitely try Zoeva! Their range of palettes is amazing, they have something for every possible need. This year I used the Cocoa Blend Palette a lot because it has all the shades I use almost everyday on my eyes, but the Smoky Palette is also extremely good. Zoeva is also coming out with more amazing palettes in 2016 and I can't really wait to try them!

Deborah Milano 2in1 Gel Pencil Kajal&Eyeliner
I thought that my Urban Decay Perversion Pencil would forever be irreplaceable for me, but I was wrong. This 2in1 Gel Pencil by Deborah Milano is just as good at just a fraction of the price. It lasts for a good amount of hours on my waterline without smudging (keep in mind that I wear contact lenses and that no pencil lasts all day on me) and it comes in a lot of different shades. I've been using the black pencil everyday for months now, but I also have the brown one for when I want a more "natural" look. Those are drugstore gems worth trying if you're looking for a good eye pencil.

House of Lashes False Lashes
I feel like I really mastered false lashes this year. I've always loved the way my eyes look when I wear falsies, but I've never been good enough at applying them to wear them more often. In the past months I tried and tried again until I was able to apply false lashes easily. My faves are from House of Lashes, both the styles Heartbreaker and Iconic. I can't wait to try different styles this year!


Stila Liquid Lipsticks
I am a lipstick junkie and my dream is to buy lipsticks on a daily basis (I'm kidding, I'm not that crazy!). This year liquid lipsticks were pretty on trend and I jumped on the bandwagon trying out some of the most famous ones. As soon as I tried the Stila ones, I fell in love. I have to admit that they're not the most comfortable lipsticks on the lips, but the colors are amazing and they stay perfectly put for at least 5 hours, so it's something I'm willing to deal with. My most used colors this year were Como, Aria and Fiery.

Nabla Diva Crime Lipsticks
Nabla's lipsticks are amazing, just as all their other products. They're really long lasting and they feel like a dream on the lips, even at the end of the day. It almost feels like you're not wearing lipstick, you don't have to worry about fading or smudging. They're easy to apply, creamy and pigmented; the range of colors is really good and they keep coming out with more shades. which is amazing. The shades I used the most are Alter Ego and Balkis, but also Underground, which is my current obsession.

MAC Lip Pencils
I've always used (and loved) Kiko's lip pencils and I still think that they are amazing and also really affordable, but after trying the MAC ones I had to include them in this post. I'm sure that there are other lip pencils that are more affordable but just as good, but there's something about the MAC ones that makes me want more and more. I use the famous Whirl lip pencil a lot to define my lips even when I don't wear a lot of makeup and I've already used up a whole pencil, and that says a lot, trust me. 

NYX Liquid Suede Lipsticks
I'm cheating a little bit with this product because I only discovered those lipsticks at the end of 2015, but I HAD to mention them in this post. Following the famous trend of liquid lipsticks, NYX came out with their own version and they are AMAZING. The Liquid Suede are a lot different from the other lip creams that NYX already had. The Liquid Suede lipsticks are more fluid, creamy and comfortable on the lips. They last on the lips and they don't fade easily, which is always a plus. I don't own lots of shades: my favourite is Cherry Skies, but I plan on buying more shades, so keep an eye on the blog for more posts about them :)

Beauty Blender
Last - but not least- beauty discovery is the beauty blender. I don't have one to show you because mine is pretty battered and looks disgusting, so I decided to skip the pictures. The beauty blender has changed my makeup game BIG TIME. I use it daily to apply most of my foundations but also for concealer. It makes the foundation look natural and luminous; since I bought my beauty blender I don't really use my foundation brushes anymore.

That's it, a nice big list of my discoveries of 2015! I hope you liked this post and please let me know in the comments below which were your discoveries of the year and which products you liked most!

mercoledì 6 gennaio 2016

[PaciugoPedia 3] Underground [#3]

Uno dei miei buoni propositi per il 2016 è di essere più costante con una serie di cose nella mia vita, a partire da questo blog. Questo post è nelle bozze da quasi 2 settimane, eppure riesco a postarlo solo ora. Shame on me, sono imbarazzante ma ne sono consapevole.
Anyways, oggi vi presento la mia personalissima interpretazione del terzo episodio della Paciugopedia, ispirato ad un look della fenomenale Linda Hallberg. Nel look originale lei utilizzava le ciglia finte, che purtroppo io non avevo a disposizione avendo realizzato questo look durante le vacanze di Natale. Mi sono dovuta arrangiare con quello che avevo, ma sono abbastanza soddisfatta del risultato, specialmente dell'abbinamento occhi/labbra.
Per quanto riguarda il trucco occhi, ho applicato su tutta la palpebra mobile Peach Smoothie di Makeup Geek, mia nuova fissa del momento. Nell'angolo esterno e all'attaccatura delle ciglia -superiori ed inferiori- ho sfumato Camelot di Nabla, aumentando pian piano l'intensità del colore. Tanto mascara (il Better Than Sex di Too Faced che sulle mie ciglia fa davvero effetto ciglia finte) e matita nera nella rima interna. Sulle labbra non avevo bene idea di cosa applicare. Ultimamente provo una forte avversione per i rossetti nude, specialmente quando il trucco occhi è molto "delicato" (so che sembra assurdo ma per me questo trucco lo è) quindi ho puntato su Underground di Nabla. Il risultato finale mi piace un sacco, devo ammetterlo.


MAC Studio Fix Fluid (NC15)
Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer 
Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot
The Balm Balm Desert Bronzer
Kiko Perfecting Bronzer
Makup Geek Spellbound Blush

Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie eyeshadow
Nabla Camelot & Narciso eyeshadows
Deborah Milano 2in1 gel Kajal&Eyeliner pencil in Black
Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Neve Cosmetics Manga Brows

Nabla Underground

martedì 5 gennaio 2016

[TAG] Buona fine e buon principio - Makeup Tag! #2015-2016 edition

Buongiorno a tutti e buon anno!
Penso che il modo migliore per iniziare questo 2016, che spero sia partito per tutti voi col piede giusto, sia rispondendo al tag Buona Fine e Buon Principio Makeup Tag ideato da Laura di ilmiobeauty. Sono la classica persona che si ritrova spessissimo a fare bilanci per qualsiasi cosa, e quando ho visto che Alice mi aveva taggata (grazie mille!!) ho interiormente fatto i salti di gioia.
Bando alle ciance, iniziamo subito!

1) Qual é il tuo prodotto makeup/skincare del 2015, quello che é il migliore fra i migliori, il must have irrinunciabile tra tutti quelli che hai provato quest’anno?
Partiamo con una domanda per la quale ho la risposta pronta: Complexion Rescue di Bare Minerals. Credo di aver trovato la base perfetta, il prodotto della vita. E' una base leggera ma giusta per chi non ha tantissime imperfezioni; la cosa che più mi piace di questo prodotto è il finish naturale e "radioso" che dona alla pelle, anche dopo svariate ore dall'applicazione. Si stende facilmente e in maniera rapida e contiene SPF 30. E' stata davvero una bellissima scoperta che porterò con me nel 2016 (e anche oltre!).

2) Qual è il prodotto makeup assolutamente bocciato del 2015?
Presa dalla frenesia dei rossetti liquidi, durante i primi mesi dell'anno ho acquistato i Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer di Makeup Revolution, che si sono rivelati il prodotto peggiore che abbia mai provato. I colori sono fantastici ma l'applicazione è allucinante: sulle mie labbra il colore non è mai omogeneo e dopo nemmeno un'ora la tinta inizia a cadere via a pezzi, lasciandomi le labbra a chiazze. So che tantissime persone si trovano bene con questo prodotto, quindi se avete suggerimenti o consigli per la stesura condividete pure!!

3) Qual è la sfida makeup che hai vinto nel 2015?
Applicare in maniera perfetta (o quasi) l'eyeliner. Prima la riga era troppo sottile, troppo spessa, la punta strana, i due occhi mai uguali... Dopo tanta pratica sono migliorata e ne sono molto molto felice!

4) Qual è il regalo makeup tanto desiderato che Babbo Natale ti ha portato?
Sicuramente i Liquid Suede di NYX che volevo da un sacco (da sinistra Amethyst, Vintage e Cherry Skies)

5) Qual é il prodotto makeup/skincare bella scoperta 2015?
Per quanto riguarda la skincare direi assolutamente l'Idrolato di Rosmarino di Biofficina Toscana, che sta facendo un ottimo lavoro sui miei pori dilatati. L'ho appena ricomprato e continuerò ad usarlo per luuuungo tempo.
Per il makeup invece, direi i Crème Shadow di Nabla, ottimi in quanto mi permettono di realizzare un trucco perfetto in pochi istanti utilizzando un solo prodotto. Il mio preferito è Supreme, mentre i più utilizzati sono Dandy e Caffeine.

6) Qual è il prodotto makeup che comprerete assolutamente nel 2016?
E' da svariati mesi che faccio la corte alla Translucent Powder di Laura Mercier e sono sicura che nel 2016 cederò e la acquisterò.

7) Qual è il prodotto makeup che non vi conquisterà mai, tantomeno nel 2016?
Sebbene io creda tantissimo nel "Mai dire mai", sono abbastanza sicura che gli illuminanti non entreranno mai a far parte della mia makeup routine. Sia chiaro, adoro l'effetto, ma non sul mio viso. Avendo avuto in passato una pelle abbastanza grassa ho la fobia di tutto ciò che "lucida" il viso e sebbene ora la mia pelle si sia normalizzata, non sono ancora pronta ad utilizzare tali prodotti.

8) Qual è la sfida makeup per il 2016?
Imparare a mettere le ciglia finte in maniera dignitosa quando non applico l'eyeliner (che si sa, aiuta a "camuffare" l'attaccatura delle ciglia finte).

9) Quali sono i tuoi buoni propositi makeup per il 2016?
Solo uno, uguale da svariati anni: divertirmi. Il makeup è colore, arte, un modo per svagare la mente e per rilassarsi, quei 10 minuti (o 40, dipende) che dedico a me stessa prima di uscire di casa, quindi l'unico proposito per questo nuovo anno è di continuare a vivere il makeup come ho fatto fino ad ora!

10) Quali sono i colori makeup che userai di più nel 2016 ?
Viola, rosso, verde, e poi ancora colori caldi, aranciati, ma anche argento e nero. Da questo punto di vista sono molto versatile, quindi probabilmente nei prossimi 12 mesi utilizzerò ogni possibile colore presente sul mercato!!

 Ringrazio ancora Alice per avermi taggata e taggo a mia volta DramanmakeupLa Vie En Cosmetiques, oltre che ovviamente tutte voi :)

Alla prossima!